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Favorite stories - part II

This list will be constantly updated from now on because I REALLY want to have something to come back to when I want to read my old favorites.

...this is part two~! because the post was waaaay too large apparently. xDD

If you want to go to part I - here

~Kaleido Star~

A Flower Between the Pages» by Five seas (Sora/Leon)
Something went awfully wrong. When Sora Naegino told her friend's cold boyfriend off, she never expected him to suddenly become painfully aware of her. Will her loyalty for May win or will she open up to the feelings that bloom for the handsome painter?

Flame by Five seas (Sora/Leon)
A slumber did my spirit seal/ I had no human fears:/ She seemed a thing that could not feel/ The touch of earthly years/ Wordsworth. Was it possible that in a moment of madness, two strangers could find themselves alive again?

In the Company of Wolves» by Five seas (Sora/Leon)
A different retelling of "Beauty and the Beast".

A Modern Arrangement» by Five seas (Sora/Leon)
Layla and Yuri want to have a baby together, but can't. In a fit of inspiration, they employ two certain people into helping them with the project, and get more than they bargained for when sparks begin to fly and romance blooms unexpectedly.

La Derniére Nuit» by Five seas (Sora/Leon)
What do you do if tomorrow relies on you? With less than a month until the end of the match, angel Sora Naegino asked herself that question over and over again. But what do you do when your adversary decides to seduce you in order to win? AU

Valentine» by Five seas (Sora/Leon)
Leon, Ken and Yuri strike a pact to change their lives, starting with relationships. However, when the girls come into the picture, things get out of hand. What has Sora brought to Cape Mary and how will things change betwen the two partners? SoraLeon

~Magic Knight Rayearth~

Battling emotions» by Iarly (Hikaru/Lantis)
Chapter 17 up! YAY! The music has stopped and now it's the time to find out who ended up with who!

False Princess, Real Love» by Mikage24 (Clef/Umi, Hikaru/Lantis, Fuu/Ferio)
[AU] Beautiful, strong, intelligent: she was a perfect princess that captured the heart of three princes of Cefiro. But this was not a fairytale, and the dark side has came to get back what belonged to it. [CxUxOC, FxF, HxL]

Fighting Fate» by Kyaa Kyaff (Fuu/Ferio, Hikaru/Lantis, Ascot/Umi)   
Fuu, Hikaru, & Umi, with a past they don't remember, become part of a struggle that has them as the key to returning the Pillar to a land known as Cephiro, but there is one who will stop at nothing to keep this from happening. FxF, HxL, UxA

Fuu's Story by bishounen lovah (Fuu/Ferio, Hikaru/Lantis)
PART 2 OF TRILOGY: Fuu had been seeing glimpses of a green-haired man. Why now when she has decided to fall out of love of HIM? An F/F reincarnation fic. *FIN*

Hikaru's Story by bishounen lovah (Hikaru/Lantis)
PART 1 OF TRILOGY: Lantis was reincarnated in Tokyo to fulfill his destiny with Hikaru. But to her dismay, he couldn't remember anything about his other life. Will their love prove strong enough to overcome this hardship? L/H love fic. R&R pls! *FIN*

Nostos by ViscountessKiera (Hikaru/Lantis)  
Lantis reflects one night on how a certain redhead not only saved Cephio but saved him as well. First person pov, a sort of introspective piece. One-shot.

Rayearth and the Legend Continues» by laminarose (Fuu/Ferio, Clef/Umi, Hikaru/Lantis)
Umi getting married? Fuu, depressed and alone? Hikaru still a virgin? These and many more suprises await you as the girls are flung back into Cephiro with three hot guys from Tokyo...gasp! FF, UC, HL and many more hook-ups. R&R PLEASE!

Reconciliation by Bearit (Satoru, Kuu, Umi's mother)
The Magic Knights before Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu were not all the same age, they were not all girls, and they are not who you're expecting. One-shot.

Tears of the Sea»by Candyland (Fuu/Ferio, Umi/Ascot, Hikaru/Lantis)
Part I of the Legends Trilogy. Five hundred years ago, the threat was sealed, but no one knows how. Now it's back, stronger than ever. And it wants Umi... FF, UA, some HL

Song of the Wind» by Candyland (Fuu/Ferio, Umi/Ascot, Hikaru/Lantis)
Part II of the Legends Trilogy. Sequel to Tears of the Sea. It is the great paradox. For every ying, there must be a yang. Light and dark. Black and white. Good and evil. So if the Magic Knights are good...

Cry of the Flame by Candyland (Hikaru/Lantis, Fuu/Ferio, Umi/Ascot)
Part III of the Legends Trilogy. The Magic Knights are embroiled in a war between Light and Dark, and the key to ending the battle may be found in yet another of Cephiro's great stories. The story of a being known only as the Legendary.

Sweet by ViscountessKiera (Umi/Eagle)
Umi likes to bake but isn't fond of sweets. So who better to taste test than a certain blond commander with a sweet tooth?

The Last Magic Knight» by Oniko (Hikaru/Lantis)
Hikaru assumes the responsabilities of the Pillar, but will she be able to keep history from repeating itself. Mangaverse.

The Price of the Pillar by Mako-clb (Hikaru/Lantis)
Lantis's thoughts on Hikaru and the Pillar system. anime based

Come Back to Bed by dsanti.queza (Hikaru/Lantis)
A month away on a mission is tiring for anyone, even Lantis. It's a good thing Hikaru knows just how to welcome Lantis home. Smut giftfic for Royal blueKitsune! XD


King of Dreams» by Tripleguess (Munto/Yumemi)
She made a promise. She has to keep it. OVAverse only, with nods to the TV series.

Of Emeralds and Rubies» by ElfMaidenOfLight (Munto/Yumemi)
A series of small stories too short to be submited on their own, but each begging in their own way to be written and enjoyed. Most will revolve around Munto and Yumemi's relationship. Although the individual ratings may change, most will be K to T.

Stay by ElfMaidenOfLight (Munto/Yumemi)
She had expected him to be furious, beside himself... but not this, nothing like this- not broken.There was nothing she could do but hold him. Hold him and feel so weak and singular in the entire universe that was the pain and burdened existence of him.

Umeshu» by ElfMaidenOfLight (Ichiko/Rui)
Sequel to Vows. Ichiko Ono could hold her liquor very, very well. Which was why it was such curious a thing that upon her waking, to what she was sure was a beautiful day, that she was graced with the most searing of hangovers.

To Wake by Tripleguess (Munto/Yumemi)
The longest way round is the shortest way home. Sequel to King of Dreams. Chapter order fixed and Chapter 7 edited slightly.

Vows» by ElfMaidenOfLight (Munto/Yumemi)
Years after the joining of Heaven and the Lower World, the connection has solidified into a true and lasting bond. Now Yumemi must travel to the Kingdom in order to form a bond of her own, one she has been waiting to make for a very long time.


Genshi» by leafygirl (Sakura/Itachi)
Continuation of the story Loophole Three years have passed and Sakura is still in Konoha with a new occupation. Hunternin. Even though an enemy, Itachi is still in her mind.

My Boss The Genius» by Snowflake Flower (Shikamaru/Ino)
AU. Love, life, and letting go. Apparently, Australian immigrant Temari no Sabaku still has a lot to learn. One-sided ShikaTema. ShikaIno.

Prima Non Nocere by Skiagrapher (Sakura/Itachi)
The line between "harm" and "help," Sakura knows, is an inexpressibly thin one. When Sakura is exiled and meets Uchiha Itachi, she realizes just how thin. Warning for controversial topics. Three-parter. Itachi/Sakura.

Psychosanity» by Snowflake Flower (Shikamaru/Ino)
She was always a strong-willed person, but what happens when Ino is pushed over the edge? What happens when Shikamaru discovers he can't touch her anymore? Rape!fic. ShikaIno. Insane!Ino.

Ramen» by paws-bells (Sakura/Itachi)
ItaSaku Non Massacre AU. Their unlikely love story started inside a Ramen Bar, of all places. She had yelled her confession to him for the world to hear, but he had walked away. Of course, he hadn't known then how determined she could be.

Secrets» by darklight1601 (Neji/Hinata)
What would you do to protect someone precious to you? What secrets would you keep? When Hinata becomes pregnant by a man she refuses to name, the last person she expected to help was her cold, older cousin. Neji/Hinata

Some Girls by Juniper11 (Sakura/Itachi)
For BlueArticWolf. Who knew that getting stuck in a kissing booth would turn out to be the best day of her life? SakuIta, SakuKaka

The Centerpiece» by elle6778 (Sakura/Itachi)
COMPLETE. Itachi had chosen to involve Sakura in something that he did not wish for in the first place. What he did not expect was for her to quickly become the centerpiece of the events surrounding him. Ita-Saku Non-massacre AU. Sequel to The Chance.

The Little GetTogether by elle6778 (Sakura/Itachi)
This is the lighthearted sequel to The Riverside Serenade. What does Itachi find when he returns home from a long mission? Non-massacre AU.

The Lost One» by elle6778 (Sakura/Itachi)
Memories lost, Itachi began to settle into life as a civilian in a secluded village. But when fate thrust Sakura into the picture, he knew he could no longer avoid his past. ItaSaku. Spoiler up to Manga Chapter 449. Prequel to The Return of the Heir.

The One by Angie-san (Sakura/Itachi)
Uchiha Itachi always believed Haruno Sakura to be beneath his notice. But a chance encounter with the pink haired kunoichi reveals his error and gives him a chance to remedy his mistake in the most unexpected of ways. AU, Non-massacre.

The Return of the Heir by elle6778 (Sakura/Itachi)
Konoha is on its way to recovery with Kakashi at the helm. Sakura thinks that she's getting back on track with her life. Until Itachi walks back into Konoha, a free man. One secret had once torn them apart. What about the other? Sequel to The Lost One.

~Powerpuff Girls~

More Than Human» by sbj (Blossom/Brick, Bubbles/Boomer, Buttercup/Boomer)
There is no way I can make this sound original, ever. An attempt to write a believable RrB/PpG in high school fic. Rated M because teenagers use terrible language. "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." - Camus

~Rurouni Kenshin~

An Okashira's Honor» by Alis Volat Propris (Saitou/Misao)
COMPLETE March 8th 2008: Misao gets into a street brawl ending up in the hands of the Mibu Wolf. There's something fishy going on in the crime underworld, something sinister and familiar.Saitou and his newest parolee want to know why. Saitou/Misao

His Coat by Alis Volat Propris (Saitou/Misao)
Misao couldn’t help it. There was something oh so sexy and appealing about coats, particularly his coat. Saitou/Misao Oneshot

To Hazard a Guest» by Bad Notions (Saitou/Misao)
It's bad enough when a wounded Saito passes out on the Aoiya's doorstep. But when someone frames the cop for murder, Misao must take action despite the Wolf's protest. Then again, she might just end up killing him herself!

~Sailor Moon~

A Matter of Trust» by Stormlight (Usagi/Mamoru)
Chiba Mamoru has been captured by the Dark Kingdom and is now working against the Senshi. After a few chance encounters with the dark prince Endymion, Usagi is determined to do whatever it takes to get her love back again. No matter what it costs.

A Vow of Serenity» by Amber Penglass (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
In a world where Selene's descendants have built an immoral kingdom, one princess is born with the power to set things right. When her faked death is used as an excuse to start a war, Princess Serenity, disguised as a man, vows to change everything.

Be Mine» by MintChocolate5 (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
Four heirs to vast fortunes disappear under mysterious circumstances. A year later, Mina Aino impulsively adopts four dogs, giving one to each of her friends. After, each girl faces threats, mayhem, and drama while the mystery of the dogs unravels. FIN

Beautifully Terrifying» by JFrost (Usagi/Mamoru)
Serenity's peaceful village is attacked by monsters of the night. Forced to flee, she finds herself deep within the darkest part of the forest, where a man shrouded in darkness lives. Terrified more will die, she and the others must hope for his help.

Breaking The Ice by micatite (Senshi/Shittenou)
At what point does irritation or outright hostility give way to something more? Sometimes all it takes is a wedding and a whole lot of liquor. Senshi X Shitenou. ONE SHOT Rated for language, liquor and adult situations.

Cupid's Last» by chickay (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
5/16 UPDATE-Chapter 14: The Darnedest Things. Presentday. ScoutsGenerals. Eight unsuspecting friends. Two fumbling matchmakers. One girl's dying wish. One year to get it done. The countdown begins.

Dangerous Beauty» by JFrost (Usagi/Mamoru)
The kingdom is being driven into the ground by a Tyrannical King, and Prince Endymion is trying desperately to keep his people safe. When the situation gets truly dire, he turns to a woman who is from an extinct race of very dangerous beings. The gods.

Her Masters Voice by Luvdarain5 (Usagi/Mamoru)
Serena thinks she may be falling in love with her boss, the only problem is they've never met in person! But each conversation brings them closer...can Serena face him when the time is right, or will she chicken out? R&R pls! REVISED! YAY!

His Grin» by EightofSwords (Usagi/Mamoru)
(Complete(First Season, MoonMask) “A stupid, lazy crybaby…that’s all I’ll ever be. And he deserves better.” Sailor Moon struggles to accept herself for who she is.

In Darkness» by AngelONight (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
In a world where Mamoru is turned to the darkness, Usagi and the Senshi struggle to keep their innocence and light in the ultimate face of darkness. However, the Shitennou and Endymion will not give up without a fight - Usa/Mamo and Senshi/Shitennou

Kingdom of Treason» by JFrost (Usagi/Mamoru)
Endymion has returned home to find that his brother the King is slowly destroying their Kingdom. To set things right he'll have to commit treason. Serenity is a slave gifted to him by the king to give him pleasure, but he finds in her a companion.

Legends of Love» by JFrost (Usagi/Mamoru)
One thing is certain in the Kingdom. The King does not love his Queen. Ripped from her home at a young age, Serenity was left to deal with her husbands abuse alone. Her very happiness was taken, and the idea of love became a myth. Until she met Darien

Lock And Key» by micatite (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
Because sometimes the lack of a key is what's needed to unlock a whole new chapter in life. Senshi X Shitennou.

Luna version 42 by Alicia Blade (Usagi/Mamoru)
A futuristic retelling of Puss in Boots: Usagi is an average girl who inherits a talking robo-cat. When the cat starts a rumor that Usa is the lost Moon Princess, Usa goes along with it, thinking no one will believe her. Except King Endymion does...

Never Meant To» by Oni Isis (Usagi/Mamoru)
AU ArtistPhotographer Serena Kingsley never matched business tycoon, Darien Marinelli. However the love affaire ended when Darien chose a marriage of convenience, leaving Serena devastated in more then one way...

Obsession» by Luvdarain5 (Ami/Zoicite)
Behind the quiet young Dr.’s personality hides overwhelming feelings for a man who doesn’t even know she’s alive. Does shy Ami have a chance of getting the attention of sexy Zoycite? His reaction to her obsession surprises them both. Can she handle him?

Party On Campus by Luvdarain5 (Usagi/Mamoru)
Serena accompanies Amy to a college party and runs into an old enemy and secret crush from her obnoxious years. Both are grown now and falling for each other but things keep happening that keep them apart, can they overcome? Rated R for Risqué! R&R plz!

Questions by LunaV-chan (Usagi/Mamoru)
Usagi asks Mamoru a question he wasn't expecting at all. If he had to choose a girlfriend out of one of the senshi, who would he pick? But is there a hidden reason why Usagi is so determined with her questions?

Return to Aysel: Another Grimm Tale» by Alicia Blade (Usagi/Mamoru)
Sequel. Two years have passed since Serena defeated Beryl, and a new threat requires the Guardian of Happy Endings to return to save Aysel again. But this time the biggest threat may be to her own broken and divided heart.

Silent Requiem» by Kafe (Usagi/Mamoru)
Usagi would do anything for her little sister who everyone loved better then her. However when her little sister turns 14 and gets engaged to the Earth prince; Whos feelings does she choose? Her own or her sisters?

Tangled Secrets by Red-Elephant (Usagi/Mamoru)
PART ONE. Usagi needs a little reassurance from her boyfriend after a secret is revealed.

Tangled Secrets: Green Dragon by Red-Elephant (Usagi/Mamoru).
Even the best laid plans cannot hold up against the allure of purple lace, perfect breasts and a lack of panna cotta. Mamoru is in trouble and he still doesn't get it.

Tempus Fugit» by verisimilitude9 (Senshi/Shittenou)
Time disappears. Four men grow up in vastly different places, destined to lead very different lives. And yet, from childhood on, each of them has dreams and visions of girls they have never met. Senshi/shitennou.

The Bachelorette Party by Luvdarain5 (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
What happens when Usagi's Bachelorett party collides with Mamoru's Bachelor party? The guys and girls go thier seperate ways, but just cant seem to stay apart! It's a night of fun, romance, laugh out loud moments and tenderness! Pls read and enjoy!

The House on Thornrose Lane: A Grimm Tale» by Alicia Blade (Usagi/Mamoru, Senshi/Shittenou)
When a kitten leads Serena to the home of J. Grimm and the magical world beyond, full of princes, fairy godmothers, and wicked queens, she begins to realize that fairy tales aren't all happy ever afters. WARNING: reviews contain spoilers!

The Lost Pleiad by VO1 (Makoto/Nephrite)
Jupiter's fifth daughter struggles through the quagmire that is preadolescence. Written for a challenge.

The Puppet Show by Cherazor (Usagi/Mamoru).
Hiroshi had somehow mangaged strike gold when Tsukino Usagi agreed to a date with him. Or so he thought. Enter Chiba Mamoru with his interroga---uh, conversation. U/M

To Brave the Darkness» by JFrost (Usagi/Mamoru).
Serenity will do anything to escape the caged life her torturous stepfather has created for her. To taste freedom she would even ruin her own reputation. Lord Endymion is known for bragging about his many conquests. He becomes her only hope.

Tryst» by Ni-chan (Usagi/Mamoru).
When an overzealous suitor threatens Serenity's safety, her father has no choice but to send her to the one place no one would ever think to look: Earth. But no one expecst what happens when she meets Endymion or the reprecussions of it all.

~Samurai Champloo~

Sweet Nothings» by Youkai no Yume (Jin/Fuu)
Jin had always been the perfect samurai. One that never failed to protect. He fought away her demons and kept them at bay and she'd always be safe. It was his duty and their silent promise. But this time, he knows that he can't save her. Fuu x Jin. DONE!


Crossroads» by keroberus (Amelia/Zelgadis)
At her coming of age, Amelia stumbles onto the mystery behind her mother's death. Two years after they each went their separate ways, Fate, with some encouragement from an unexpected source, leads Zel and Amelia back to one another for their own adventure

Our Light That Shines Strong» by Ceiphied Knight (Amelia/Zelgadis)
Z/A drabble collection. Rated T just in case.

Soft Granite by Leather Sky (Amelia/Zelgadis)
Amelia x Zelgadis: Amelia struggles against her father's wishes in the gilded cage of Seyruun while Zelgadis travels alone, having given up on the possibility of having a life together.

~Soul Eater~

Chamomile Tea by WallofIllusion (Marie/Stein)
She's here to make sure that he doesn't go crazy, and it's high time they admitted that to each other.

Day to Remember by soulsforsnacks (Marie/Stein)
Okay, so suggesting to his wife that she was menopausal was, admittedly, not one of Stein's most brilliant moments. SteinMarie smidgen of SoulMaka

Dread» by KamiyaYoriko (Kid/Liz)
Everyone has dread in their souls. And if you can't handle it right, it becomes insanity in the end. A story about Liz wishing to be stronger. KidxLiz.

Furor by Hey-its-CK (Marie/Stein)
What happens inside Stein's head when madness takes hold. Could be slightly SteinMarie in a sick, sadistic way...

~Vampire Knight~

A Dream of Light» by DemonicBallerina (Zero/Yuuki)
What if Zero hadn't had Yuki by his side during those painful years after Shizuka's attack? Just as his struggles as a Level D vampire are becoming too difficult to bear, the pureblood, Yuki Kuran, shows up to complicate things just that little bit more.

~Vampire Princess Miyu~

Shadowed Footprints» by LaDemon (Miyu/Larva)
Miyu is tired of her trapped life as an aristocrat. Larva is sick of his uneventful life as a palace guard. When Miyu is forced to run away and Larva is chosen to pursue her, their destinies become entangled. *EPILOGUE UP!!!*

The Castle on the Horizon by Ms Western Ink (Miyu/Larva)
[AU] What was that castle on the horizon and were the stories of the mythical princess really true? [Miyu x Larva]

To Meet Again» by Omega Devin (Miyu/Larva)
**COMPLETE** When her task is over, Miyu is left alone in the world when Larva is sent to the Darkness as well. However, Miyu finds a letter written by her silent companion that promises her that they will someday meet again...

~Yu Yu Hakusho~

A Beautiful Soul by Little Minamino (Kurama/Botan)
During the Chapter Black Saga. Following the incident at the Rokurokubi estate Botan realizes Kurama is upset with her. But why? Because she lost her soul? Well so did Kuwabara and Hiei and Kurama wasn't mad at them! KuBo

A Moment of Weakness» by blue-eyed-shuichi (Kurama/Botan)
Kurama never expected to fall in love. Neither did Botan. As the Dark Tournament Finals draw near, a nearly fatal incident occurs that will draw these two lonely souls closer together and change their lives forever.

Playing the Game» by Lady of Roses (Kurama/Botan)
Song fic. The course of love is never smooth. Saying "I love you" was the simple part, maintenance of the relationship...well that's another thing altogether. A tale of two lovers who lost their way. Losing the way is easy, finding the way back...BoXKur

Sugar Rush by raspberry-ichigo (Kurama/Botan)
[ONE SHOT][Botan POV][BKur] He’s better than a sugar rush, and I find myself giddy beyond belief. And kinda klutzy, too, but that’s just a minor detail.
Tags: fanfiction, otp, reading, recommend..., win!
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